Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Battle of Chamdo maps and photos

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Chinese map showing the Tibetan and Chinese 
military positions before Battle of Chamdo 
(October, 1950)
Chinese map showing progress of the Battle of Chamdo
(October 6 -24, 1950)

He Long checking  weapons and equipment before the Battle of Chamdo
PLA soldiers took an outh before matching into Tibet
PLA troop crossing Jisha River

Early Oct. 1950, a cavalry unit stationed in Kyekudo crossing
Tachu River on the way to fight the Battle of Chamdo
PLA troops advancing toward Chamdo
Front line headquarter of the 18th Army 
A PLA machine gun unit in the Battle of Chamdo
Robert Webster Ford, radio operator employed by Tibetan government,
being arrested by PLA  

Robert Webster Ford and Tibetan soldiers 
being arrested by PLA