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‘War on Tibet’ blog is intended as a resource to promote historical research on the Communist occupation of Tibet. The CCP used the term ‘Liberation’ to describe the annexation of Tibet in public, while internal documents sometimes use the more direct term ‘war’ (战争), particularly during the crucial period 1956-62, which is our focus.

The primary sources presented here are official CCP documents traced, studied and translated into English by Jianglin Li. These are supplemented by relevant Tibetan accounts translated into English by Matthew Akester, mostly from biographical and memoir literature (as there are few other surviving documents of the period in Tibetan). As time goes on, we hope to expand the range and variety of materials presented here.

Jianglin Li is an independent researcher 
Native Chinese speaker, English

Published books (in English)

Tibet in Agony: Lhasa 1959. Harvard University, 2016.

Published books  (in Chinese):

A Secret Journey in Eastern Tibet, Linking Publishing Comany, 2014

Matthew Akester is an independent researcher in Tibetan history
Native English speaker, classical and modern literary Tibetan
Published translations include

 Serindia Publications, Inc.

The Life of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo  by Jamgon Kongtrul
Shechen Publications 2012

Columbia University Press 2008
Penguin India 2009

The Temples of Lhasa (with Andre Alexander)
Serindia Publications 2005

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